Summer Mourning

Swiftcover are a well known insurance broker dealing in vehicle and motor policies.

Type of Work: 
CSS3, Facebook, HTML5, Responsive Web Design
Launch year: 

The Brief: 
Zoocha were asked to develop two interactive social media applications by Swiftcovers’ social media agency; these were part of the ‘Get a Life’ and ‘Summer Mourning’ campaigns.
The Solution: 
Zoocha built an application on Facebook to host the ‘Swiftcover playlist’ competition, in which a group of DJ’s from Absolute Radio selected their top songs for summer. Swiftcover fans were invited to take part by voting for their favourite songs from this list, which could be listened to through the application and downloaded via Spotify. As part of the virility of the application, voting activity was recorded in the users’ live ‘news feed’, and therefore broadcast to a user’s own network of connections to enhance potential consumer reach. It was necessary to be a fan of the Swiftcover page in order to vote for songs – the objective of this was to encourage other users to join or become a fan of the page in order to take part.
Couldn’t have done it without your genius    
The twenty most voted for songs were then used to create a Swiftcover summer playlist. The finalised playlist was accessible through Spotify and notifications were sent through Facebook to alert users that the list had been finalised, and a link was provided for access. The application was successful in attracting over 1,000 entries and 15,000 votes for the songs proposed by the Absolute Radio DJ’s, proving the application to be a success in its intended viral objectives. As well as this, the Swiftcover ‘Summer Rocks’ application helped the overall campaign to win the 2010 DADI award for ‘best digital media strategy’. This was achieved through a combination of:
  • Market research, both in the insurance sector and the wider market
  • Frequent client liaison meetings to plan and map out a consumer journey – how the application will be used by Facebook members, and where they will be directed upon becoming a fan of the Swiftcover page.
  • Working closely with the client to decide upon an overall app functionality. In this case, this was to enhance audience capacity through virility, by creating an interactive user experience.