Swiftcover are a well known insurance broker dealing in vehicle and motor policies.

Type of Work: 
Drupal, Facebook
Drupal, Facebook, Google maps
Launch year: 

The Brief: 
Swiftcover wanted to combine some of the previous Swiftcover Facebook application that had been created for them by us (Summer Mourning, Festival Playlist app) into a newer more complete proposition. That proposition was Roadology: “Roadology is all about living life in the fun lane! It brings you a great way to discover some favourite places and hidden gems across the country using the interactive map. Add your own trips and favourite places or find inspiration from our partners and other users. So get started and create your perfect trip!”
The Solution: 
Zoocha were able to successfully combine the applications that Swiftcover had developed to support their previous marketing campaigns, into one new fully featured application. This was a cost-effective solution for Swiftcover as it required a minimal amount of technical effort to re-purpose them into their new format. To allow for the mapping within the application, a bespoke Google Map application was created that allowed users to add their own routes and activities to the Roadology map and share them with their friends. The Facebook application was developed using Drupal as it empowered non-technical people to do things like add new blog posts, and update basic information on the site. In order to help drive traffic to the application, a stand-alone microsite was created to generate a bit of buzz and provide a commentary about the competition winners Route 66 journey. Zoocha are great believers in choosing the right tool for the job, so for this particular aspect of the project, WordPress was selected along with a very lightly branded basic theme.
Technical highlights and/or The Result: 
  • Advanced Google Maps API features used such as poly lines.
  • Drupal 7 implementation tailored to act as a Facebook application.
  • Integration of 2 separate stand alone Facebook applications as Drupal modules
  • Full Facebook API integration that allow for things such as auto-post to a users wall upon certain triggered actions within Drupal.
  • Creation of a supporting blog using WordPress