Jul 9 2014

How EU VAT changes affect UK eCommerce Websites

will 0 Comments Drupal Consultancy, Ecommerce, General

Back in 2008, an EU law changed affecting the calculation of Value Added Taxes (VAT) on broadcasting, telecommunications and e-services (collectively called ‘VAT on electronic services’ or VOES for short!).

These changes come into force on 1st January 2015 - the delay being due to resistance from EU member states (and I dare say lobbying from corporations) protecting their interests.

So, without getting too political, what is the main impact of the changes that EU member states (or corporations) would resist?

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Jun 9 2014

The Year of Mobile - A Case for Responsive Design

will 0 Comments UX & Web Design

I think the first time I heard someone predict it would be “the year of mobile” (with a straight face) was 2010. Even then, it was something of a fantasy, not only because smartphone technology and tablets were still in relative infancy, but also because few websites catered for a mobile customer experience.

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Jun 6 2014

Steps to a Successful Drupal Project

will 0 Comments General

For anyone building a website or web application, Drupal promises loads. You will hear Drupal evangelists (like us) talk about the benefits of open source, zero licence fees, portability, scalability, flexibility and ease of integration with other systems. This is all true, so why do some organisations wrestle with Drupal, getting frustrated, confused and disillusioned?

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May 14 2014

What is a Parallax Website?

hayley 0 Comments Design, General
This new concept is taking the web world by storm, but what exactly is a Parallax website and where has it come from? Web designers and developers are constantly exploring new ways to make websites more engaging so it's no wonder that the parallax scrolling website concept has become a sensation...
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Apr 14 2014

Working Remotely

heidi 0 Comments General

Remote working is becoming more and more popular but not all businesses are convinced. Read Heidi's blog to find out what it takes to be self disciplied to ignore the call of the sofa when working from home.

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