Dec 24 2014

Inbox Zero - Turn productivity into a game!

will 0 Comments General

For a while now, Dave and I have been playing "inbox zero" and I have to admit, it has changed my life! Ever the evangelist, I want to try and inspire everyone else to play too!

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Oct 31 2014

Implementing Google Certified Shops code in Drupal

titi 1 Comments Digital Marketing, Drupal and Web Development, Ecommerce


Google have made available their Google Certified Shops feature in the UK. Any online shop who applies to become a Google Certified Shop and implements the code on their site, will go through a ‘verification period’ which lasts from 30 days to 3 months (depends on the amount of orders you get per month); and at the end of the period you will become an official Google Certified shop.

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Oct 24 2014

Handling the Gruntwork of Frontend DevOps

paul 0 Comments


With frontend development getting more and more complex every day, there are more and more steps we as frontend devs need to go through in order to get the job done. Of course there is still something to be said for crafting your HTML / CSS, but this isn't always required / possible.

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Aug 28 2014

Drupal Multilingual - Where do I start? What to think about?

denise 0 Comments Drupal and Web Development
Drupal Multilingual - Where do I start? What to think about?

So you’re using Drupal and you want to make your site multilingual. If you already have experience doing this, chances are you are aware of the relative pains you must go through to make this happen. If this is your first time, well, hopefully I can make your first time less painful. 

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Jul 9 2014

How EU VAT changes affect UK eCommerce Websites

will 0 Comments Drupal Consultancy, Ecommerce, General

Back in 2008, an EU law changed affecting the calculation of Value Added Taxes (VAT) on broadcasting, telecommunications and e-services (collectively called ‘VAT on electronic services’ or VOES for short!).

These changes come into force on 1st January 2015 - the delay being due to resistance from EU member states (and I dare say lobbying from corporations) protecting their interests.

So, without getting too political, what is the main impact of the changes that EU member states (or corporations) would resist?

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